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Have you ever noticed that as time goes by, your computer doesn't run as fast as it used to? Most PC users usually think that they are in for shelling out some money for another upgrade, but hold on: Probably this slowdown is caused not by some hardware deterioration but by all the "junk" that accumulates in time in the operating system, so a software fix might be all that you need.

One of the most serious issues is clogging up and fragmentation of the System Registry. As a result, applications may "freeze" from time to time, especially during their launch. Is there an easy way to do away with all those slowdowns, hangups, and sometimes even data loss (when you cannot save the document that you are currently working on)? What can novice users (who don't have much time to read piles of books on Windows' innards) do to solve the problem and to make their computers as agile as new?

 It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or an advanced user — we offer you a simple yet very efficient solution, our Registry Clean Master. Now a clean Registry is only a few clicks away!

Advanced Startup Manager v.

   Autorun management has never been so easy! In just a few clicks, you can put any program, file, folder, or Internet connection on a special list, and then it will start automatically whenever you log into your system. Advanced Startup Manager's user-friendly interface, its full support of drag & drop, fast operation, and reliability make it your unfailing helper.
   You might be a casual PC user who doesn’t want to get into the intricacies but just would like to have some favorite applications being launched automatically, or to get rid of those nagging windows that pop up on the screen, while you don’t even know what they are for. It’s very easy to fix such a problem — drag the shortcut of such an application and drop it onto the Advanced Startup Manager window, then choose the type of autorun and click on the Apply button. That’s it!
   Or you might be a system administrator who badly needs a handy autorun manager. Enjoy using Advanced Startup Manager — probably it’s what you’ve been looking for! This utility lets you create and configure network connections and manage major autorun sections in the Registry quickly and easily.

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